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Does God need us?

God, Version 10.0 has just been released. The qualities are as follows: quantum mechanics have replaced miracles. God’s word may now be read in the DNA molecule, Viral marketing has supplanted the proselytizing, and finally, money is the new manna. … Continue reading

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Hate vs. Water

Religious wars are always heresy’s.  Is there any doctrine out there that actually says “I am God, go kill in my name?” Yeah, if you read the Old Testament God was quite into smoting and smiting. Be that as it … Continue reading

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The Divine, the Supreme, and the Omnipotent

It is the supreme act of personal power to declare for oneself what feels and is classified as divine…meaning important, exultant, and spiritually grand. But omnipotence, varying from the definition supplied by Christianity, refers to the willingness to allow oneself … Continue reading

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Religion and God

Religion and God are not at all inextricably linked. While almost every religion claims the right to designate a higher power, what happens all to often, is the hierarchical authority claims to be the vessel of God…and no one else. … Continue reading

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