Of Gratitude and Appreciation

“Expressing gratitude to another, whether it be an acquaintance, a loved one, a stranger, or the Universe itself, acknowledges a cycle of energy exchanged. Like a circuit that completes a transaction, it returns to an open position and awaits a new transmission. Indeed, being open is a state of attraction in itself. But receiving energy and applying it in ways which make one feel whole or enriched or enchanted, is an act of allowance which originates from within you. This is called an experience of appreciation. To fully appreciate what you have begins with a recognition of that aspect of Essence which knows it has been touched by something it values. Reaching out to acknowledge the source of that input, is the act of being thankful. Saying “thank you” and meaning it, is a magic far more palpable in human intimacy than any amount of wand waving or spell casting or prayer, you can imagine. The dance between gratitude and appreciation from the tune strummed on the strings of your heart, makes life a ballet of amazing grace and a symphony of unimagined beauty. This is the miracle of life; to appreciate it and to be grateful for it.” Michael

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God and Permission

Time to stop using God to justify your actions.For along time now, my observation about people invoking God was a means of granting themselves permission to carry out whatever act they themselves might deem questionable and do it with perfect impunity. Continue reading

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Whose God are we talking about?

God and Jesus, are two of the most misunderstood and widely misquoted of sources. I feel compassion for them. But then again, this is the gift that I believe is the essence of MY God. Continue reading

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The Power of Love and the Love of Power

It was Jimi Hendrix who was prescient enough to realize that our struggle with love and power is the decisive battle of our time. How we share and utilize them, where we spend them, and what we do in their name is the foundation of what makes us God in our own Soloverse.

There is no way to repress the power of another against there will and call it a loving act. Not even with a petulant child. It is true that their behavior may be restricted to protect them from harm, it must be done so that their spirit is not oppressed or shamed, or damaged as part of that event.

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Does God need us?

God, Version 10.0 has just been released. The qualities are as follows: quantum mechanics have replaced miracles. God’s word may now be read in the DNA molecule, Viral marketing has supplanted the proselytizing, and finally, money is the new manna. In this way all of what was once a “mystery” is pretty much solved. But what is holy has been raised to a whole new level.

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Hate vs. Water

Religious wars are always heresy’s.  Is there any doctrine out there that actually says “I am God, go kill in my name?” Yeah, if you read the Old Testament God was quite into smoting and smiting. Be that as it may, the 3 religions of Abraham (J,C,M,) all claim the 10 Commandments and featured is though shalt not kill. Whether crusade or jihad or milchama; every religious sect incorporates killing and generates escape clauses as a matter of course. Continue reading

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The Divine, the Supreme, and the Omnipotent

It is the supreme act of personal power to declare for oneself what feels and is classified as divine…meaning important, exultant, and spiritually grand. But omnipotence, varying from the definition supplied by Christianity, refers to the willingness to allow oneself the voice and the courage to leap into life and to fly your ideas like a bird soars on the wind.

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Religion and God

Religion and God are not at all inextricably linked. While almost every religion claims the right to designate a higher power, what happens all to often, is the hierarchical authority claims to be the vessel of God…and no one else. I claim no such exclusivity or superiority. Religion and spirituality should be linked pursuits, but often the former seeks to subordinate the latter. Making yourself a powerful expression of God is living a personal religion.

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The God of Money

Metaphysics aside, mysticism discarded, and religion dispossessed the power that most seek, the talisman that most people worship, and the substance of creation that rivals the Eucharist of choice, the defacto God that has many a false idol erected to it and by it, is Money! Supplication to the almighty dollar has replaced meaningful faith in a higher power and replaced it with a worldly power. This is the sad truth of the modern seeker.

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Being God is all about Power and Love.

Love is that indefinable sense of rightness that underscores the strength of any relationship. If God is Love, as so many religions and spiritual traditions tell us, and to seek love is the highest aspiration that a human being can achieve, then it must be that love is a power in itself.

For those who seek power, externally, the question is what is driving it…love or fear?

This Blog does not debate the existence of a Supreme Being. The debate will rage onward for centuries to come. Rather, I pose a different question? How do you exercise you power? Specifically, your abilities to shape life the way you desire? Of the person’s that are in a momentary position of weakness or subordination, how do you treat them?

When authorities become authoritarian, we all suffer; both those imposing power and those under its yoke.

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